When not photographing portraits, Luke spends his time capturing images of the world around him. A multi award winning photographer at various art shows in the region, his passion for sharing these images drives him to be regularly 'out and about' photographing all manner of things. Be it mother nature, achitecture, industy, urban or rural, bush or beach, colour, black and white, long exposure or a mixture of the above, you will find all forms of landscape and fine art photography within this portfolio. ​ We hope you enjoy browsing the pieces found here. All DP's landscape/fine art images are available for purchase directly from this site.
Undisputed as one of Bundaberg's best model photography teams, DPs believes there are few things more fascinating nor more captivating than the photograph which can freeze forever that special 'moment' between the lens and a model. It is a passion for that moment of connection which forms the foundations of interest in model portraiture and drives the desire to get that 'one magic shot'. DPs strive to make every client's model shoot something which you will forever look back on with a smile on your lips and a fondness in your heart. We will go out of our way to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your time with us as we capture moments in life that you will forever cherish. Please use the 'contact' page to book your shoot or make inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please browse the magical moments in the above album that we have captured with some of our wonderful clients or perhaps read what they had to say about their time with DPs on our Testimonial Page. We look forward to hearing from you soon. ​​​
At DP's we pride ourselves in forming personal relationships with each bride and groom, allowing us to discreetly capture those spontaneous one-off moments with a blend of professionalism to the task and understanding of the intimacy of the moment. Celebrating with graduating students is something we also very much enjoy. Shooting your formal or prom is always a fun afternoon capturing a very special time in the lives of young adults. Please enjoy some of our favourite images of some truly special moments and contact us with pricing inquiries.